Top 8 Tips and Tricks to Go Backpacking

tip to go backpacking

Backpackers have to consider many things when planning a trip. In addition to the usual list of any traveler or tourist (the weight of the suitcase, flights, accommodation, activities …) also have to consider trying to make last as long as the budget, be prepared to change transport several Sometimes … and adapt to keep moving.

Here are the best tips for preparing a successful backpacking adventure. Going to travel around Europe or hiking in the Amazon, these tips will help you make the experience unforgettable.

tip to go backpacking

Before going



Although much of the experience of going backpacking should be the spontaneity and freedom of movement, you should also research on your destination. Take a look at the guides will help inspire you to structure your trip and it  still give more eager to embark on the adventure.

Make the suitcase with head

A good backpacker has to abide by the restrictions on airline luggage, but also have to pack thinking that will have to carry the backpack more than a tourist either. So take the bag with his head. Do you really need 40 pairs of socks? 10 books?  Nine moisturizer? Remember that even if you’re abroad you can always buy laundry and cleaning products or cosmetics, so save room for the things that really matter. And although you might have a tight budget, things like a digital book reader or tablet will save much space.
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Booking in advance or not, that is the question

You will plan the trip and accommodation in advance or leave blank calendar? The answer comes down to time. Are you going to take a trip of three weeks by France or one of six months in South East Asia? Or maybe you go backpacking for a short time with definite itinerary will help you make the most of the time outside. A good idea might be to reserve the first two or three destinations in advance and then be inspired by the spirit of adventure. » Read more

Top 5 Street Foods In Ho Chi Minh City

Countless moments of smiling when you discover different varieties of things especially food. There’s a lot of new trending food in this generation; they just keep popping out everywhere and anywhere. But what’s the best is that when you travel at the same time find places to eat and to discover on your journey. Food comes from people who knows how to cook! If you are into local foods or street foods, this is the best place that you should try! Ho Chi Minh city is famous place travel of Vietnam.

You can travel with tourism:

The place is called “Ho Chi Minh City” or well-known as Saigon City. So what does this city can offer when it comes to food and what is their top street foods.

  1. Banh Beo (Water Fern Cake)

Banh BeoThis is a signature dish in Saigon; It is a variety of small steamed rice cakes or rice pancakes in Vietnamese cuisine. This dish was believed derived from it shaped like duckweed. And Banh is a Vietnamese word for cake. This dish is topped with crunchy pork rinds and toasted shrimp powder and served with a fish sauce that enhances its flavour! » Read more

Use and Models of Backpack Sprayer

Backpack sprayers are important and extremely beneficial equipment for farmers to possess on hand. If your farm is definitely small or large, established or old, certified conventional or organic, there is a place for a backpack sprayer on your own farm. However, to help make the majority of a backpack sprayer, we advise that some upgrades are made by you to the sprayer wand assembly not to mention, maintain your sprayer calibrated. There are a huge benefits to using the best garden backpack sprayer about the farm.

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Brick Walls Ideas For Houses

One of the reasons why the walls with exposed bricks are increasingly used within the interior of homes is, on the one hand, because of the growth that rustic decorative styles has developed; and secondly, because these exposed brick has begun to be painted so that became best alternatives to a home at their indoor environments. As a matter of fact, exposed brick walls are not so new. Back in the 1900’s, we could see old houses using exposed brick walls at the interior of many houses because many people found that it was far less expensive to expose the brick in older homes then it was to repair or replace the damaged plaster-work, but the new addition we have nowadays has to do with the integration of other materials such as wood, steel or concrete, which creates a perfect harmony. Let’s talk about this decoration trendy in this article.

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